Isaiah Roby and Justin Pierce Trains with Coach Love

“Illinois Evolution is for players that want to evolve and reach that next level, to grow and mature not only in the game of basketball but also in life.”

Coach Love

Skill Development Training

Zakiya Newsome( North Park University) on her experience with Evolution:

"Evolution is a great AAU Basketball program.  Its not like most programs that I've played for where the Director just wants a bunch of kids to make money, but it actually helps you develop you're basketball skills to the next level.  Coach Brett is a great coach and trainer but also a friend.  From experience I can say that he truly cares and will do anything that he can to help.  With his intense training he has prepared me to play at the next level and without him i wouldn't have been able to do that.  If you want to play at the next level, a coach that actually cares and coaches because he loves the game, Evolution is the place for you!" -Zakiya Newsome

Offense and defense

Karla Vietinghoff

Assistant Club Director / Assistant Coach  

Coach V has a passion for basketball and helping players get to their next level of play through mental and physical toughness. Not only is having the skill set to play at the next level important but having the mental toughness to get through adversity plays a key factor in success. Through her Junior College coaching experience Coach V has gained a lot of knowledge and insight into the college recruiting process. She hopes to use this skill and knowledge to help high school athletes find their college home. 

Playing Experience: 
Hampshire High School
Waubonsee Community College
Iowa Wesleyan University

Coaching Experience: 
Sophomore Coach at Hinckley Big Rock High School
Assistant Coach at Waubonsee Community College

Illinois Evolution 15U wins Championship in Sudden Death

Playing as a team

Madison Mallory (Youngstown State University) on her 2016-2017 Championship season:

"This season has been hands down the best season of my life. I have never been so satisfied and happy with the results and how we all played together and got the Championship title. I feel that a lot of my personal success and basketball IQ has been developed by training with my coach, Brett Love. I value his opinion and like to talk to him after games and get his opinion on things because he is honest with me and it makes me better.  I trust Coach Love and can't wait for this summer so we can work towards making my dreams a reality." -Madison

Illinois Evolution Basketball


When you're looking for a basketball club team, we know you have plenty of choices. What you're really looking for is a growth experience, exposure, and playing time but most of all you want to get better overall. Better ball handling, better shooting and technique, better defense, and higher basketball IQ.  It's important to understand the end goal, and to develop your ultimate potential both on and off the court. Whether you are preparing for college or getting ready for the upcoming high school season, you've come to the right place to bring out your best.

Our Mission is to help young student-athletes develop and mature into young leaders and to prepare them for college.  We emphasize maintaining excellent academics, positive attitudes, a strong work ethic, and a great level of respect for teammates and people in the community.

We believe in the fundamentals

Maddy Yelle(Niagara University) on her confidence in Illinois Evolution:

"Illinois evolution opened so many doors for me that I never thought would open. Through practices, privates, skill sessions, games and talks with Brett, I never would have found my true potential. Illinois Evolution changed my game from being just another body on the court, to a shooter, driver, point guard and leader. This past season was the best aau I have ever been a part of. The girls made practices and games fun, so many memories were made. All the tournaments were competitive and allowed me to understand what I needed to improve on. Without the guidance and trust with Brett Love, no doubt in my mind I would consider myself a D1 basketball. Brett immensely impacted my game. He gave me confidence, something I never had. Through all the bumps in the road Brett was there to fix it. Words can't describe what Brett Love has done for me. He has always been extremely supportive and able to push me to my limits. Brett Love is the reason for my success and for becoming a D1 player. I couldn't thank him enough for helping me reach my goal." - Maddy Yelle


Fanchesca Metz (Morton College):

Switching to Illinois Evolution was the turning point in my basketball career. I was not sure if I were going to continue playing or give it up. However, after changing teams and meeting Coach Love, I knew that I should continue playing. The compassion and knowledge of the coaching staff at Illinois Evolution surpasses any other AAU program I played at. The ability for them to focus on the whole person and improve each player on and off of the court is paramount. The practices were always competitive and challenged skill work and IQ of the game. One of my favorite aspects of playing with Evolution was the atmosphere the whole program carried. There was no separation between teams, everyone was able and encouraged to support, correct, and inspire their teammates. I personally improved the most by attending Individual trainings with coach Love. In these he was able to evaluate more closely and help me on specific areas in which I wanted to improve my game. My time playing for Evolution was unforgettable, my only regret is that I had not switched earlier.
- Franchesca Metz

Ty Battle (Formerly Indiana State University, now University of Delaware) Talks About Her Evolution Experience:

"Playing with Illinois Evolution this past year was an amazing experience.  I believe that I have improved a lot with my ball handling skills/shooting.  This team helped me a lot to prepare for my last high school team and for college. Also training with Coach Brett made me a better leader and improved my defense in so many ways." -Ty Battle

Varsity player,Stephanie Hart of Geneva High School, trains with Skill Development Trainer Brett Love

Ball Handling

​​Illinois Evolution


Sydney Schultz (Missouri State University) on here experience with Evolution:

"Playing with the Illinois Evolution was a great experience for me this season. The program helped me improve in all areas of basketball. I have made many new friends from the program.  Whether a practice or a game, I was always excited to be there.  The program has helped me get to the college level." -Sydney Schultz

6'8 Isaiah Roby, Nebraska University recruit of Dixon High School works with Top Trainer, Brett Love

brett Love

Head Coach / Club Director 10 + years

Coach Love has a great passion for basketball and teaching the youth how to become smarter, more skilled, aggressive, and more confident players.  

Coach Love also is one of the top Basketball Skills Development Trainers in Illinois, working with Elite athletes from High Schools and Colleges.

Playing Experience:

-Thornwood High school

-Millikin University

Coaching Experience: 

Head Girls Coach of HInsdale South

Asst Varsity Boys Coach of St. Francis University

Head Girls Coach of Waubonsie Valley